Monday, January 23, 2012

Lunar Festival #2

I was really lucky finding so many moons for this outfit. My favorite is the head piece. It will virtually go with anything. I think I found my transmog helm for my druid!
Shoulders - Glyphed Epaulets


Cymre said...

Times like these I wish I could wear leather... I've been looking for a headpiece an upcoming costume

Anonymous said...

Nice one, I like the combination of the colors. The chest piece makes me envision a feral druid wearing it.

Euphyley said...

Finally something that would look good on my druid! *squeals in delight*

I've been stumped for weeks trying to find something that'll look good on her, this looks fantastic!

RubyLupine, Fashionista of Azeroth said...

Thank you all!