Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fan Outfit

Euphyley from WoW Rare Spawns sent me a few outfits she put together. This is one of them. I see these dresses around around Stormwind every so often and haven't seen one put together quite as well as this one. She hit it spot on with the colors and jeweled pieces.


Unknown said...

That is a gorgeous outfit! I agree, I see these dresses around, and I love the look of them, but rarely are they put together well - and I know I have not yet seen one that looked this well-matched!


~ Effy

Matty said...

Ruby, that took my breath away. Feeling quite frumpy now...!

Euphyley said...

Thanks so much for posting my submission Ruby! I wear this on my priesty and just had to share. ^-^

It's true, there's a lot of people out there with these gorgeous robes (in every color variation) but it's so hard to find good accessories that don't clash.

Most things here were pretty easy to come by. The thing that took me the longest was actually the belt, and that's because it was bought with honor, and I never pvp on that toon.

RubyLupine, Fashionista of Azeroth said...

I have Robe of Insight, which is green, and yes the belt is the hardest piece to find for these dresses. I've been working on the green one for some time now and i keep switching between belts. I'll probably post it soonish.

MsElaynEous said...

I LOVE this set! I am currently working on getting this for my mage. The pieces are very easy to get at 90. I was relieved that I hadn't already done the quest in Halls of Lightning for these shoulders, but if you have completed the quest and can't get the shoulders shown here, you can use the Arachnidian Pauldrons quite effectively. I've also decided to go for the Arachnidian Gloves as an alternative because of the colour match. The Arachnidian set is BOE world drop (mostly from Winterspring and Ungoro Crater) so watch the AH for these pieces too.