Thursday, February 16, 2012

Purple Pally

I recently did recruit a friend and have been leveling my pally. This opened up a whole other side of transmog for me. I could finally step away from cloth and explore plate. I remembered seeing a pair of purple legguards on a fellow player around Stormwind a few months ago. Purple being my favorite color I knew I had to make a character who could equip them. When Sky [my pally] is a big, strong level 85 this will be her set.

[I chose not to include a helm or cloak. Also the shoulders are pally only.]


Matty said...

Okay - technical question: how do you get your shots with a plain background? Is it a simple Photoshop trick, like a green-screen?

RubyLupine, Fashionista of Azeroth said...

The addon Mogit. I'm telling you it's like a dressing room. After I find the perfect outfit I print screen then crop to take off the excess. I do that for both male and female. Then I put the pictuces in TextEdit and print screen that so they are right next to eachother. Lastly, I crop off the excess for that picture and we are done!

Matty said...

Thanks, Ruby! I appreciate it so much! Matty